26 sept. 2010

Imaginatie si sculptura in hirtie



Americanul JEFF NISHINAKA este primul artist care a experimentat sculptura in hirtie inca din 1982. Azi este binecunoscut in lume datorita lucrarilor sale tridimensionale, care denota o mare imaginatie si maiestrie tehnica. El modeleaza hirtia alba creind un joc al formelor ce te duce cu gindul la spuma diafana sau marmura. Poate sa creeze aproape orice: de la structura unui ochi, la un dragon fantastic ori o gradina plina de flori.... Priviti aceste fotografii si nu uitati: creativitatea este cea mai valoroasa bogatie a unui om!

2 comentarii:

  1. These are amazingly dynamic creations... It's hard to think such well crafted forms can be made from paper... I was especially impressed by the animals, that see so alive - though with a bit of Disney Jungle Book cartoon flavour. The lion looks pleased with himself... Maybe he has just enjoyed a pleasing conquest...

  2. Nishinaka is an explorer too. He wanted to discover new ways of working with paper, and his results are amazing! I was thinking how our world would change if each of us will try to find new ways of using objects or materials...... Thank you again for visiting my blog.